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Digitech FS3X weirdness #2…

The FS3X is plugged into the h9-1 EXP port
All 3 buttons are working good (DOWN, UP and P-SW)

I attach another FSX3 to the h9-2 EXP port, just to see if to would work and…

  • TIP – gets a 100-0 readout on the H9-2
  • RNG – no effect
  • T&R – gets a 100-17 readout

Looking closely at H9-2 in H9 control, shows that both switches get the same Hotswitch action. The funny thing is that pressing either the TIP or T+R results in a 0-100 behaviour, but… after you press TIP (once) T+R goes to the 17-100 behaviour

Same goes for h9-3, so this does not appear to be anomalous to one h9 pedal.

Perhaps this is not a bug, but a feature?


ps: this whole thing is about trying to use multiple h9s to ‘morph’ presets using simple mechanical pedals like the digitech FS3X, and it sort of works…