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I’m also having massive recording latency with SplitEQ on any track, not just the armed track. Which is a shame as I often add guitar parts to tracks later on. What’s also strange is that Live does not show this extra latency in the preferences. You can see the regular latency with no SplitEQ anywhere on the project (top pair) vs the extra latency caused by SplitEQ (bottom pair) below. The second (lower) track on each pair is the DI signal for reference. The regular latency is mostly fine, but the added latency makes tracking guitar impossible in any project that has SplitEQ.


I wonder if this also affects pre-recorded audio. As in, if I introduce the plugin after all the recording is done, will it still cause latency that is not corrected by Ableton Live?

I really hope this is fixed as it renders this otherwise great plugin very unattractive for me.