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I have wrote to support and have had no reply yet.

I opened my ilok account and they are not in the list when i hit my computer.

I still had the Flanger and phaser blanked out and no H910 Haronizer bundle not showing as i de-activated that earlier thinking that i could re -activate.

That did not happen and that is lost and not showing.. I have also tried to activate the blank phaser and flanger , but the box still says on each one — I have no licences.

I de-activated them now , so there is no eventide products in the iLok .

Ok, How do i get my three products into iLok showing so i can activate them??

I go to my Eventide account , nothing i can do in there, even when i press the button for my plugins at the bottom of account page it tries to connect, but just disappears and the red button comes back when you refresh. Round and round the same happens my plugins do not show, so how do i get them into ilok to show in list and activate. It is so frustrating.



All the best