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I manage to solve the problem going in Midi section and assign a CC midi program (in my case #39, see photo) to activate the pedal.
Then in 0/127 section I use range from 63 (means NOT active for the H9) and 127 (64/127 is ACTIVE status).

So when I enter in the patch, the H9 recall preset and it’s in an off state, then when I engage the exp pedal, H9 Activate itself, and I can use the wha.
When I turn the pedal in the heel position (CC#39, 63) H9 goes in OFF state…

It’s working.

Now my only problem seems that when I enter in this patch with ES-8, coming from another (with H9 ON) I heard for a fraction of a second the wha active than goes immediately off.
In a Live scenario will be a little messy.
Maybe there’s too much midi signal or the chain is too much complex?
Do you have any suggestion???