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      I use a Boss ES-8 looper with 2 expression pedal on it.
      I was able to control Q-Wah sending CC parameter through the switcher to H9.
      All work as I expected.
      I don’t understand how activate the pedal at the same time when I engage the expression pedal.
      Es-8 allows to send more than a single signal midi to H9.
      Can you help me on this matter?

      Thanks in advance!!!

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      Eventide Staff

      Just to clarify, you only want the algorithm to activate when you use the expression pedal rather than activate when the preset is recalled? If so, in order to do what you want to do, your controller would need to allow a user to program custom event ranges such that any CC value over 1 activates the pedal while also sending the CC message to control the algorithm. This might be a question better suited to a Boss ES8 forum or Facebook group. I don’t think this is possible without an external event processor such as the one made by MIDI solutions.

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      Yes it’s possible an I used before on a Line6 M5:
      – PC 2 for recalling wah
      – CC#11 On/Off pedal (0/63 bypass, 64/127 On) on a midi action mapped on expression pedal (you need to limit pedal from 63 on heel)
      – CC#01 Expression pedal on another midi action mapped on expression pedal

      Es-8 can send 5 multiple midi signal at the same time.
      I was wondering if there’s a way to do same thing on a much more complex and versatile instrument line H9.
      CC for wah it’s ok, but i need to engage the effect (or pedal) when I engage the expression pedal.
      If I enter the preset and the q-wah is active it will be a problem, but if is not active click the pedal and use wah is not a viable solution live, is complicated and prone to errors in a stage situation…


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      Eventide Staff

      On H9 Control, under the PEDAL tab, go to Aux Switch Mappings. There you can assign any CC# you want to Bypass and activate the pedal. Use those same CC#s to program your ES8 ranges. If you don’t want the wah activated when you send the H9 a PC message, then it’s best to save the Q-wah preset in a bypassed state to begin with.

      Keep in mind, the H9 won’t allow you to program ranges such that CC#X with values 1 = bypass and 2-127 = activated. This type of programming needs to be done on the ES8 or other MIDI processor.


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      I manage to solve the problem going in Midi section and assign a CC midi program (in my case #39, see photo) to activate the pedal.
      Then in 0/127 section I use range from 63 (means NOT active for the H9) and 127 (64/127 is ACTIVE status).

      So when I enter in the patch, the H9 recall preset and it’s in an off state, then when I engage the exp pedal, H9 Activate itself, and I can use the wha.
      When I turn the pedal in the heel position (CC#39, 63) H9 goes in OFF state…

      It’s working.

      Now my only problem seems that when I enter in this patch with ES-8, coming from another (with H9 ON) I heard for a fraction of a second the wha active than goes immediately off.
      In a Live scenario will be a little messy.
      Maybe there’s too much midi signal or the chain is too much complex?
      Do you have any suggestion???



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        Hi, I try to achieve what you are talking about but it doesn’t work for me.
        I must miss something, when you say:

        « Then in 0/127 section I use range from 63 (means NOT active for the H9) and 127 (64/127 is ACTIVE status). »

        I which h9 menu are you doing that ?

        thanks for your help 👍


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      Eventide Staff

      Could you trying saving the Q-wah preset in Bypass mode? That way, all you have to do is send it a PC and not a CC to bypass the unit to go along with it.

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      Sorry, maybe I miss something: already saved the preset Q-Wha in bypass mode…

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