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A way around this issue is to use split EQ to process tracks in a separate project with no other plugins. This is just good practice anyway, especially for something CPU intensive plugins that are shaping your sounds having them on all the time will mess with the mix it feels like. It is pretty cool however having multiple splitteqs and then balancing tones and . Using it for a general eq is overkill a lot of the time you could use a really low latency program.

Serato studio handled it pretty well. I had 3 running before opening Ableton and being confused by the lag but my master sounded a bit different after final track was processed. It still did pretty well at the time I was unaware of the issue.

I was thinking a separate app by eventide that is simply this eq that you could use on an iPad or second PC with a send return if you wanted a live eq.

Then maybe an option for a static eq you can apply to audio files and it processes the file , gives you a sample of what it sounds like and you can work outside of live editing. so that the plugin doesn’t have to actually be running all the time

Another option for animating an eq over an audio file

This is a really good eq for shaping sound and hopefully overtime it will get less of a problem as technology improves there’s some crazy potential.

So yeh use it to shape sounds and record them then go back to your regular EQs is how i will use it until I have a computer that can handle it

I am on an older CPU mac so anyone with a new mac with an m1 chip gives some feedback.

this is speculation and i am not sure if this helped but It would be pretty funny if it did. I rarely use a swing or quantize and have low attack most of the time and so if additional lag was applied it would sound the same as if I dialled the attack way back and made sure there was no swing or grid affecting your track