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well, yes and no.  You can get full feedback, but adjusting the delay time from the front panel ends up producing digital glitches rather than the smoother shifting effect at full feedback.  The old AMS MX, Prime Time, PCM 42, tc 2290, and Publison DHM 89-B2 all do it fine.  More modern tc D-Two can do it, but it requires either an external MIDI controller or lots of turning of the front panel knob.


What you need in the H9000 is an algorithm that smoothly modulates the delay time from either an external MIDI source or from the front panel knob.


Now it may be that the H9000 sounds less glitchy with something providing finer granularity, but I’ve been sitting here trying different algorithms with high feedback and adjusting the delay time by hand and comparing it to my more vintage delay units.


The H9000 does great analog/tape type delays – they sound great;  it just doesn’t cover that particular kind of  high feedback/change the delay time sound.

If I’m wrong and there is a patch that can do it smoothly, please point it out.