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On Vintage Delay I had to set either the Depth on the Param 2 page to 0 or the Rate on the Param 2 page to 0 to avoid a nasty harshness.

First recording is Vintage Delay – feedback 100%, delay 1 = 1000ms, delay 2 off, hicut full open low cut at minimum.  As note feeds back, delay time adjusted down to 0.

Summary is – at 100% feedback (and the other mentioned adjustments), the H9000 does do smooth delay changes.  No idea what that modulation is doing to the audio though.  I cannot get the H9000 to overload though.  Other digital delays I have (D5000, D-Two) also seem to limit this experience.

Second is the Publison DHM; note the feedback goes past overload.  🙂