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Sorry about the delay in replying. Much going on. We had a look at it, and the problem is due to some deliberate quantization of the pedal value. This is so that electrical noise from the pedal does not modulate the signal or cause constant parameter changes. As a result, the pedal does not go to a true zero, so the pedal range is reduced to about 40-50dB, which will give some “leaking.” We’ve made a change so that the bottom few dB are “chopped off”, which allows it to reliably go to true zero. This will cause a reduced control at the very bottom end, which might affect your swell smoothness. Not sure when this will be released, as it is waiting on other things. If you are interested in an “alpha” version, send an email referencing this post marked for my attention to support@eventide.com.

OK, no problem. Great that you are working on this and that is has your attention! I will wait for the official release. Thanks!!!