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I’m not sure if that was the correct link you sent. The Julie Byrne album is pretty awesome, but I didn’t hear any granular stuff in the first 2 tracks.

As I said, lots of places I can take this.  The first attempt was more a proof of concept, a bit along the lines of the iWish plugin, and it sounded pretty good and useful, so I’ll release it, but I’ll keep tinkering as I get time. Don’t worry, this won’t be the last algorithm of this type that I build.

One of the limitations with real time input is that it’s always going to follow the incoming audio to some extent, because the delay buffer is always going to contain the latest x seconds of audio, and it’s always changing, so windowing doesn’t tend to capture the same snippet of audio. The algorithm I’ve developed to date, will capture the window if you dial up the feedback to 100%, where it ignores incoming audio (you’ll also need it to be 100% wet to stop the dry mix into the outputs). The way I’ve implemented it, this will just loop the delay buffer indefinately, but if you mess with the other controls, it will often die away to nothing, because some of the processing is on the delay loop.  I’ll have a look at implementing some delay offsets into the next algorithm, which will mix things up a bit, and also a different way of freezing an audio slice.  The delay I’ve used allows up to 10 seconds of audio, but there are a bunch of different options there.

I’ll also have a look at puting the envelope inside the loop. Currently the envelope just processes the audio coming into the delay loop.

Some granular tools have a static sample and you modulate the window of sample that is looped.  That’s also possible (99% certain of it anyway), but it will be a different approach. I’ll have a look at that sometime in the future.