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That’s the thing.  Somethings are simply easier to do on software and dragging and dropping a sample into a window is definitely not what the H9000 was built for.  You have to record the sample in each time.  I’m interested in what new directions the H9000’s unique tools can take things. Most granular tools don’t process live audio.  Robert Henke’s Granulator allows you to press a button to sample a live input as the new source for the tool, and that’s definitely achievable, along with modulating loop points, playback speed (from -100% to +100%), though unfortunately you can’t directly modulate the playback head, ala Transwave.

One cool thing the H9000 can do is nest processing inside loops of other processing, and send signals from unusual places to new processing architectures.

I’m enjoying the challenge of building completely new effects, especially stuff that pushes the boundaries of stability, like feedback algorithms.  I find VSIG very intuitive and quick to build stuff. Probably something to do with 30 years of programming Kurzweil’s, which have a similar type of modular method of wiring things together.