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I think the bypass at the top just connects the inputs of the block directly to the output of the block, so you would need 8 outputs connected on the output side, which my algorithm doesn’t currently support. When you press bypass

I can probably program in a bypass button that just routes the inputs straight to the outputs, and then you can connect all 8 outputs from the algorithm to ADAT 1/2 on the output matrix of the H9000.  Would that be useful? or I could have the bypass internally mix them to the stereo output at unity gain, though there may be the risk of clipping in this case.

In the meantime you could work around it by also connecting ADAT Ins 3-8 To ADAT Outs 3-8 (in addition to your existing connection), maybe through a block with Octal I/O where you turn the gain down to 0.  If you bypass both blocks, you would get the bypass you are chasing.

I think this will happen with any block in the H9000 that has more inputs than outputs.