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Eventide Staff

Hello MusacchioMusic, what software are you using to conduct the update? I recommend trying the Eventide Device Manager https://www.eventideaudio.com/downloads/?product=Eventide+Device+Manager+%28EDM%29

The latest version of the PitchFactor firmware is 5.2.0(6)

I also try to open the settings mode in the pedal but I couldn’t either … when I hold the encoder and the right Switch at the screen shows me “CLEAR S” and when I release the buttons just start the pedal normally… so I can’t see the serial number from the pedal.

This is unusual. This should only happen if you power up the pedal while holding those two buttons. If you hold the right footswitch and the encoder for two seconds while the pedal is already on, you should be able to enter System Settings.

the question is: IS something with register the pedal to my name with interference with the upgrade im trying to do? someone have this weird issue.

No, for this line, it shouldn’t matter who the pedal is registered to in order to enter System settings.