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Alright ! I figure out  I was doing something wrong … and finely I enter the setting ( I thought was wile turning on I should hold the encoder and the right foot switch …. ( dumb I am :S )

and it shows me perfectly fine the serial number of the pedal so this is good because I guess is not a hardware issue.

but when I open eventide device manager at the firs time shows me I have the 2.3.0[3] version. but then saids me I need to start th pedal in upgrade mode. when I do that and re open the Eventide Device Manager again for upgrade it shows me the same window saying is not recognize with device I have and in the serial number said -INVALID-.

I also installed the H9 app and docent recognize the pedal either …

the thing is how can I do for upgrade it becouse I think this will solve the problem…

thank you so much for the reply !!