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Thanks for that Joecozzi .. I meant no disrespect to H9 -I’ve had mine for about 9 years now and it has never left my board, unlike many other pedals. I have ploughed through the factory presets many times and i’m sure I am not alone in being put off by the weird pre-sets and wondered what on earth you can actually use some of the algorithms for.

I probably use just three algorithms, yet there are so many more, and I was just rather surprised that no one seems to have monetised the opportunity of gathering the proven studio and stage-ready ready-made pre-sets for those weirder H9 algorithms to illustrate real musical application: I suppose I am thinking of digital amp’ modelling Britt Fremen et al here, who kind of ‘show you the way’ when presented with so much choice.

I am a huge fan of H9, and its resilience in the marketplace after all these years is testament to its quality and design, especially when paired with the excellent Barn 3 switching cradle.

There 🙂