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OK, the updates are now up on my website – https://godlike.com.au/index.php?id=420

I’ve packaged both the original and new algorithms and presets together.  There are 2 algorithms, the original and the one that can be bypassed.

Regarding the utility of this algorithm, the original purpose was just to provide the ability to mix down 4 stereo pairs to 1 stereo pair, ie a simple summing mixer.  I added in a saturation control for each input which emulates the analog warmth that you get from pushing into tubes on an analog mixer, or if set to hard clip, the transistor clipping when a channel overdrives.

No it’s not truly analog, but it has the advantage of a lower noise floor compared to analog, and gives really pleasing results, at least to my ears. It also has a variety of choices for the saturation type, which are subtly different. Also, it’s a damn sight cheaper than an analog summing box (assuming you already have a H9000).