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It probably makes more sense to sell the Eclipse and get another 8000; one for the road or a backup 🙂
Technically they are different (algos dont follow the 4000-7000-8000-9000 tradition)…
Really nothing the 8000 cant handle (VSig)
No comparison under the hood… (DSP, I/O, better A/D/A converters)
Probably the only “advantage” is the smaller size but it has maybe *1/32* of the DSP so you’re really not getting more in terms of power/weight ratio but the Eclipse is generally more affordable for ppl who dont save enough money.
Lots of ppl still use the eclipse who are pros, I think they get overwhelmed by the prospect of the 2U units, but I think the 2U is much easier to use.
I’ve never heard the eclipse really sound better than any of the big brothers, altho it does have an exceptionally clean sound… very, very good.
In the end, you will have to see if you like anything YOU ARE HEARING from the Eclipse better.
I never did….

P.S. Steve Stevens and Tim Pierce have their reasons tho, they really like some of the sounds and continue to use them…I think they use them to add basic reverb (Tim) and delay (Stevens)