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I have bene using the H9000 as an aggregate device on a Mac mini Intel i7 fairly reliably in the past. After having upgraded to an M1 Pro Mac I am experiencing issues such as audio dropouts via the the H9000 as aggregate device in combination with an Apollo X16 in the Ableton LIVE DAW. All Applications and VSTs, AUs etc running natively.

My H9000 is being clocked via the analog Word Clock connection from the Apollo X16 as a SLAVE and the signal is physically being terminated at the input of the H9000 with T-shaped word clock termination plug.


is it recommended to use Word Clock at all, or is Word Clocking potentially even harmful for this (aggregate device)setup? Can the H9000 be the SLAVE as the Apollo is my main converter or does it requite to be the MASTER via Word Clock?

Further, Are there any known issues with aggregate devices under Monterey 12.4? Are there any known issues with Thunderbolt Docks such as the CalDigit TS4? It it recommended to use a more direct USB connection to the M1 Computer for more stability?

Thank you!