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Hi, I have found the tap tempo will still work with the tempo on, using the following settings to paired H9’s.

H9 One – MIDI Receive Channel – Off

Assign MIDI CC Messages > Tap Tempo CC “x” – your choice of MIDI channel

MIDI Clock No > No > Yes

MIDI Output Mode > Transmit > Transmit


H9 Two – MIDI Receive Channel “x”   (whatever Channel assigned on H9 One).

Assign MIDI CC Messages > Tap Tempo CC “x” – match Receive channel

MIDI Clock settings to  > Yes >  Yes >  No

MIDI Output Mode  > Thru + MIDI clock  *** It didn’t work until I thought might as well try it – Eureka! – tap tempo worked with tempo on).




ChannelH9 One set as  “transmit” and the second one in receive, but only with Midi Thru/Clock