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Just got mine in. Pretty amazing module so far, but there are definitely features I am missing already:

1. Ability to define/play your own chords

2. Different sequencer modes, especially a non-dodecaphonic/tone-row mode. It would be nice to have a sort of like a ‘cell’ (in music theory terms) sequence mode where you can repeat notes without resorting to a workaround (play something in another scale with many more notes and then scroll back to the original scale).

3. More rhythmic expression in the sequencer (different rests, ratchets, etc)

4. It would be nice to have a PC/Mac editor as well! This thing is deep and I think some of the advanced MIDI work could really benefit from this.

5. Different onboard sounds besides the sine wave would be great


I’m still in the early stages here, but it looks and feels great!