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VsigX would benefit A LOT from using serial connection over MIDI because it’s much faster and would keep the MIDI ports free for other tasks that are often needed when building/testing things, like MIDI realtime control.

Serial connection is also very stable on the Mac IF using a good connector. I have used (and still do) the classic Keyspan, now Tripplite USA-19HS USB to serial adapter and they put out drivers regularly for every Mac OS system. Never had a problem with it: https://www.tripplite.com/keyspan-high-speed-usb-to-serial-adapter~usa19hs

Same with Prolific chip based USB to Serial adapters. They run fine on all Macs OS versions in my experience.

To make this clear for noodle1, Vsig 2.x doesn’t require ancient computers/Windows versions. It runs fine on Win7 and Win10. I haven’t tested it on Win11 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it runs fine. The 4000 family only works with MIDI and that’s one of their limitations as it’s waaaay more unstable and much slower.

Be aware that after the 4000 series and with the more recent Vsig versions, MIDI was no longer used by developers/algorithms designers so you can expect even worst behavior or even bugs. Stay away from MIDI.

The real challenge in taking care of VsigX is to add many of the useful functions available in the Windows version as it was left in its almost primitive form for several good reasons now that I think why that happened, mostly poor support from Eventide.