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Thank you for the informative reply! I snagged a powered 4ms with a power supply, this is exactly what I was looking for. Misha arrives on Thursday, and I’m already booked at the Royal Albert Concert Hall to perform endless space jazz solos on Friday, it’s just that good! xD

I only have two thoughts going forward:

1) Using this only as a controller for my midi keyboard, are there any good 4hp or 2x2hp Eurorack modules that would make sense to add? Since I have the space in the pod, what kind of stuff could I do to expand the functionality of the Misha?

2) Misha just launched, so I don’t expect this anytime soon, but I’m hoping that future firmware versions will improve the chords function. First would be raise the limit on the 3-note chords to 7th, 9th etc chords. But more importantly, I want to be able to select the exact chord with my left hand on the left part of the midi keyboard I’m performing with. So that I can still use my right hand to move up and down in intervals, but use my left hand as a modifier to switch between chord types on-the-fly. OR! Just be able to play chords freely wiht my left hand with the intelligence that Misha brings to my right hand. I hope this makes sense. I know you can map keys to different functions, so maybe you can already do this, but I’ve only seen -1/+1 chord program options in the manual, so presumably, the way it is now I’d have to flip through 4-5 different chords to land on the one I want at the moment, right? I’d love a mapping for a 61-key keyboard where I can start training my muscle memory to directly select the chord types on the left hand. And again, maybe this can already be done, I’ll have to dig around once it arrives.

Very stoked for this product, I’ve been dreaming of exactly this for over 25 years. I’m a  drummer, so I’m pretty clueless when it comes to keys, modes, scales etc. But I understand intervals, they speak to me, and are more universal IMO. Amazing work bringing this to market Eventide, and to Steve De Furia for his excellent work!