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Hello –

Thanks for writing, glad you got a case and power for your Misha.

Regarding #1: To fill up that little bit of space we recommend the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4. It’s kind of a Swiss Army knife for the Eurorack world. You can use its multisample playback algorithm to play sounds which are triggered via MIDI by Misha (though it’s monophonic so they won’t be chords). And if you are getting sounds from elsewhere you can use it instead for its clock or processing, etc.

Regarding #2: If you look at page 31 of the user guide, you will see a list of the nine chords in Misha. The first chords are octaves and triad types, but starting at “Jazz” and up you have a few that have 7ths, 9ths etc. See if you like any of those once you are set up. In future, we hope to expand on the chord selection, to allow user-created chords, etc.

And actually what you describe as far as left and right-hand performance should be doable. If you look on page 44 of the manual you will see a complete list of the options in MIDI/MIDI Mapping/MIDI Note. You are correct that you can increment or decrement the chord with a remote MIDI command. But you can select a chord by name this way, as well. Also if you have a keyboard with buttons which send CC#’s you could in theory use those to send the chord changes and use the entire MIDI range for Misha interval performance.

Well, when you get set up and try it out let us know how it went and whether you have more questions.