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Hey, thank you for the comprehensive reply. Your avatar is the same that Loopop mentioned in his video, are you the originator of this whole concept?

I was not aware that the “jazz” chords have more than 3 notes each, that’s great. And yes, it would always be nice to have more, but that seems like low-hanging fruit for firmware updates, so I’m very content to see what comes up.

I was also not aware that you could map a chord “name” directly, this is huge. I was an early adopter of the “Theoryboard” which turned out to be hot garbage, but I’ve still clung to that core promise of selecting chords with my left hand, and playing melodies with my right hand, all while never knowing a thing about music theory 🙂 I’m going to try a mapping where on the left part of the keyboard the black keys are the chord “name” and the white keys are the root note of the chord, I just need to figure out where to map scale so it makes sense…

What I’m not sure I can do is play them at the same time as what my right hand is doing at the top of the keyboard. Ideally, I could jam with my left hand in the same fashion I do with my right hand, and the chord type and key I pick with my left hand will instruct the intervals I’m playing with my right hand. I think that makes sense. Basically take Steve’s NAMM video, where he arranged the backing track to do all those nice chord changes, but was riffing on top of it live. I want to do the same, but control the key/scale and chord with my left hand in real-time instead of setting up CC messages to trigger the Misha to change to the right key/scale.

The Misha seems to be the secret weapon for everything from synth solos, to shredding lead guitar licks at 900mph. I hope that this philosophy can be expanded simultaneously with a dedicated chord section for my left hand. ESPECIALLY being able to trigger the key/scale of several midi tracks at one, so I could alter the backing track of say a Bass, Strings, and Piano at the same time. HUUUGE! It seems like a lot of it is already there, I just have to try the mappings and see what works and what doesn’t.

I haven’t been this excited for a piece of gear in a long time. I’ve invested so much in hardware to make my music sound amazing, but it doesn’t improve the input, garbage in, garbage out! The bottleneck has always been between my two ears. I’m hoping Misha breaks this paradigm. Two more sleeps!