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Yes- the Misha did come from the core “intervalllic” concepts of my creation Samchillian, which I’ve been working with for 30 years or so 🙂

Lest there is any confusion: all chords currently have 3 notes. This was done because there are 3 CV outs, but there’s no reason to constrain the number to 3 for MIDI, so we hope to expand on that in future. I think you will have to hear some of the less triad-y sounding chords to see if they suit your purposes. Chords in Misha are possibly a different concept than what might be expected- they are built down off the melody note, rather than up from a root. Best probably to play with it to understand.

And currently, you pick one MIDI channel to use. We do have plans to add more tracks to the sequencer, though, so in theory this could involve multiple MIDI channels. Not clear to me though how you would want to do this live, though

At any rate, I think you will need to see what Misha does and take it from there.