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Not MIDI CC/PC, but thru special MIDI SysEx System Variables it looks like this is possible…

MIDI Sysex Messages for H9 & Factor Series Pedals

A large amount of information is stored in the form of system variable. For example, most of the information to be found under System Mode is stored as system variables.
In addition, various control states are also indicated by system variables, such as bypass, MIDIclock present, etc. Because these system variables are so all-embracing, they should be changed with care and some forethought. The user has the consolation that any damage done can always be undone by “Restoring Factory System Settings,” as described in the User Manual (UM).
From the above, it will be clear that the following is intended for expert users only, and neophytes or MIDIots should read no further. Little further support is available, and these should be USED ENTIRELY at your own RISK.