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I imagine that the first firmware updates will probably target the sequencing capabilities, but probably won’t replace your NDLR. To me, this is the perfect compliment to something like a NDLR or T-1. I’d let the NDLR arrange the “backing track” and you can *ACTUALLY noodle with the Misha better than anything I’ve ever used. Grab a guitar VST and use a midi keyboard, and it’s just surreal. It’s basically cheating. I know nothing about music theory, but I can shred like someone who’s literally spent 40 years learning their instrument. IMO before you send it back you owe it to yourself to check it out with a midi keyboard. I’ll admit that the sequencing feels uninspired at the moment, but the live performance capabilities are just godlike. I’ve had mine for 24 hours, and I already sound like a virtuoso. If I actually practice with it, I’ve never been so confident that I can learn this instrument. This is my new secret weapon.