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So how might chord and individual notes be separated?   So one could do either?   Could that be done via CC’s?  Would be cool to be able to go in and out of chord mode with a pedal or something that could be super expressive like a note velocity or MPE gesture.

I’m a little confused as to how the Misha Control Notes – ie the mapped buttons – coexist with the regular notes that will be rekeyed.   I guess on a keyboard this is kind of clean in that there’s a range or maybe a split. (SirParcivals picture is very helpful!)

So is the general idea the mapped notes do their corresponding Misha things and all other keys are subject to being rekeyed to a misha scale? Would it be better to use two diff Midi channels: one for Misha control, the other(s) for performance, so you could get a full uninterrupted note range for performance?

Also, I’m using Misha for edrums and the note mappings companies like Roland use were almost randomly assigned back in the day.  They can be changed but the mapping conventions are also used in nearly all Drum VST’s, so it’s better to leave them alone.  The Control / Performance channel thing could help here too.

Really looking forward to your getting MIDI over USB working.  That will simplify my setup.