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So I just realized I haven’t posted any first impressions of the Misha since getting it. Been spending too much time jamming away like a bauce.

My main takeaway is that the Misha has expanded the possibilities of what I can realistically do when making music.

Jamming away provides an instant dopamine rush, when I think of the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve just saved on 10 years of piano lessons.

But most of my time to be honest has been spent figuring out the best way to integrate and maximize this unique featureset into my workflow. It’s very inspiring to see GMB’s video adding it to an electronic drum kit. Makes me think of other instruments, what about that electronic clarinet that I think Roland makes? It’s just insane how much this blows open my world of possibilities. I bet we’re going to see a lot of very unique ways to implement the Misha in live and recording environments.

Not knowing the full limitations of this launch firmware yet, (this might already be possible), I’d say that connectivity and interoperability is key here. Anything that can help Misha further integrates into all kinds of workflows, although we already have MIDI and even CV, so there’s that. This makes me want to see how I can finally integrate the several bits of gear I own with CV in/outs, I have no idea what I’m doing, and that’s the fun of it, the users are going to be the ones discovering new and innovative ways to play with the Misha, as opposed to all the use cases dictated by the developers. GMB using it with V-drums must feel like the guy who first figured out double-tracking reel-to-reel flanging by manually slowing down one reel by hand. And it feels like there’s alot more discovery out there waiting.