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Yeah – there is no ‘quantize’ type function in the way you are describing, that is to say no way to pitch-quantize notes played in an “absolute”way – everything is based on intervallic movement in relation to the prior note.

Just to briefly describe the “Move” assignments available – see these in the MIDI/MIDI Mapping/MIDI Note assignment menu:

</b>Interval changes of pitch (-14->+14 , plus various other ‘moves’, such as chromatic step, undo, same, etc). Almost all of these land you in the current key and scale.  And with one exception, all perform movements relative to the previous note.  The only one in the ‘Move” type of the assignment menu that isn’t relative in this way is “Home”

The other categories – “Chr Shift”, “Scale”, “Key Sig”, “Chords”, “Special”, “Play” – either make a change to the harmonic ‘environment’ or are concerned with sequencer functions.