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I’m glad that you modified those presets; that was the whole point.  A construction kit in a Preset List.  Not so much plug ‘n’ play, but more like “here’s what you can do with a variable crossfade parameter,  Have at it.  I didn’t realize the usefulness myself until I really dug in.

And inspiration can work both ways.  That recent “Owner’s” on TGP brought me back around to my least-used, least-favorite, least-understood H9 algorithm: Undulator.  I think you guys were right:  no one really knows what it does.  Or the effects routing.  It’s a strange one.

After brainstorming & woodshedding on it, I may be getting a little closer on how it’s put together, and how to use that effectively.  Love Child of the TremoloPan & MutiTap algos, with some added controller mutations.  Fixed total length of taps (~ 1000 mS or less), no matter what the tempo.  Divided by 4 (or is it 5) taps, with a separate peak detector / envelope follower / threshold / gate (or LFO) providing the control over delay taps’ undulations.

I’m coming up with some useful stuff by isolating all the FX components & controls, but I’m not really there yet.  For example, the Pitch modulation doesn’t appear to be typical full-on SLURM with lots of diffusion, or random LFOs, like the reverbs.  More like a symmetrical waveform, applied to each individual tap offset, making it sound ‘deeper’.

I hope to tame this beast, and follow up with a better explanation, or related ‘construction kit’ for it.