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      It’s the weekend.  Grab yourself a couple 12-packs.

      Getting All XFADEd – Direct Download Link for H9 / TimeFactor



      • Drag ‘n’ drop over the Preset List tab in H9 Control …
      • … or go to Settings -> Import presets or preset lists.
      • An expression pedal / HotKnob is almost mandatory for these presets, for “F.w.t.F.o.T.”
      • An Aux Switch / MIDI is useful for latching the REPEAT function.
      • REPEAT can capture the current delay buffer, with control over length and XFADE remaining active.

      There are a couple methods for minimizing artifacts when changing delay times:  Smoothly generate fractional delays between them (‘pitch shifting’ in TAPE ECHO, for example).  Many other H9 algorithms use crossfading between two delay taps.  While most will use a fixed XFADE time internally, two algorithms ‘expose’ this as an adjustable parameter:  REVERSE, and DIGITAL DELAY.

      And that can be used to creative effect, by changing the relationship between XFADE ‘envelope’ length, and dual DELAY times.

      Getting All XFADEd H9 Control P1

      Getting All XFADEd H9 Control P2

      Getting All XFADEd H9 Control P3

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      Many thanks Brock!

      I look forward to exploring this list!

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      Brock these are great!
      In a way I hadn’t thought of before
      quasi-Loopers, weird bells and them as make space…
      here’s a modest contribution
      a Reverse Delay upside down guitar patch below
      (if you use Ctrl for small increments on x-fade knob you can ‘tune’ it to a G)

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        Thanks, luedmo.  Glad to see you’re fine-dialing those XFADE times around a few dozen milliseconds.  There is a lot of FX in that range.  You might be interested in some background information, with generous contributions by Dan Gillespie.


        Six years back, but that was where this whole XFADE exploration started for me.  I tossed in those last 3 presets for the ‘pitch shift’ contrast to crossfading.

        As an aside, this XFADE Away preset list led me to an UltraTap comparison.  You can get similar (but never identical) effects, using a completely different tool set.  There are subtle differences to embrace, using either the UltraTap plugin, standalone pedal, or the H9 [Special] algorithm.

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      It’s only Hump Day, but grab yourself another couple 12-packs anyway.

      Ultra Preset Festival – Direct Download for H9



      • Drag ‘n’ drop over the Preset List tab in H9 Control …
      • … or go to Settings -> Import presets or preset lists.
      • Expression pedal / HotKnob settings are programmed into  each preset.
      • Real issues getting the HotSwitch to stick with these.  YMMV.

      This UltraTap exploration took several left turns along the way.  I intended to upload the individual presets to the newly revitalized Preset Share section here.  Also, there are somewhat mirrored versions on my UltraTap pedal that need serious reworking, if I can ever stay away from the FEEDBACK parameter long enough.

      Ultra Preset Festival H9 Control P1

      Ultra Preset Festival H9 Control P2

      Ultra Preset Festival H9 Control P3

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      Thanks Brock.  As ever, you are very generous.

      Does the upload preset feature work on the new sharing page?  When I hit the button all I got was search results from 2008.


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      I can’t believe this was posted seven full months ago.  I finally worked these lists and settled on some x-fade presets I can use.  My effect needs are on the conventional side but these lists helped me grow.   Many thanks to Brock for sharing these.

      Here are three I particularly liked:

      100ms xfade slap is a reverse twist on a slapback echo.  I renamed it Ohce Kcabpals.

      I renamed 3ms x-resonator to Hells Bells.  With some reverb, you can play bells with your favorite guitar.

      I renamed 150 ms xfade mix to Revolver Xfade.  If I ever play in a Beatles tribute band I’m using this for the reverse guitar in Tomorrow Never Knows and I’m Only Sleeping.



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      And speaking of the Beatles, Brock inspired me to make this H9 version of a Beatles style preset called Abbey Mode from Robert Keeley’s 30ms pedal.

      30ms Abbey Mode

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      I’m glad that you modified those presets; that was the whole point.  A construction kit in a Preset List.  Not so much plug ‘n’ play, but more like “here’s what you can do with a variable crossfade parameter,  Have at it.  I didn’t realize the usefulness myself until I really dug in.

      And inspiration can work both ways.  That recent “Owner’s” on TGP brought me back around to my least-used, least-favorite, least-understood H9 algorithm: Undulator.  I think you guys were right:  no one really knows what it does.  Or the effects routing.  It’s a strange one.

      After brainstorming & woodshedding on it, I may be getting a little closer on how it’s put together, and how to use that effectively.  Love Child of the TremoloPan & MutiTap algos, with some added controller mutations.  Fixed total length of taps (~ 1000 mS or less), no matter what the tempo.  Divided by 4 (or is it 5) taps, with a separate peak detector / envelope follower / threshold / gate (or LFO) providing the control over delay taps’ undulations.

      I’m coming up with some useful stuff by isolating all the FX components & controls, but I’m not really there yet.  For example, the Pitch modulation doesn’t appear to be typical full-on SLURM with lots of diffusion, or random LFOs, like the reverbs.  More like a symmetrical waveform, applied to each individual tap offset, making it sound ‘deeper’.

      I hope to tame this beast, and follow up with a better explanation, or related ‘construction kit’ for it.

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      “Love Child of the TremoloPan & MutiTap algos, with some added controller mutations.”


      Your understanding of this is well above mine but let me offer this thought:

      I accidentally stumbled into the following preset while playing with UltraTap.  It struck me that it sounds fairly close to Undulator.  It even pans left-right.  So I suspect you are correct that a multitap delay or two is used in Undulator.  Try this and see if it helps you unpack it.





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      Thanks.  I’ll dial that one (two) up when I get back in front of H9 Control.  There’s certainly some cross-channel panning going on in Undulator, but it doesn’t seem to be hard alternating L-R taps like in UltraTap.  I guess the documentation could be correct: two delays, but with each having an extra single slap / tap built in.

      Here’s the best way I’ve found to isolate the delay(s):

      • INTENSITY – ~midpoint 50 [MIX parameter] or 100 (no dry signal)
      • TYPE –  Feedback
      • DEPTH(s) – zero (defeat all other control parameters)
      • FEEDBACK – zero** (or 0-100 expression pedal).
      • ** Even at 0, there are two “phantom ghost” repeats, like a slight bleed through on FEEDBACK)

      I’m going to say 4 taps / 2+2 delays, with baked-in (fixed) modulation on each.  It sounds like string bows scraping out triplets.  Peaking LFO over panning & volume sent to each tap?  At any rate, that 3-againt-4 is adding the complexity to the otherwise fixed length of repeats.  And this is before you add any of the other AM, FM, & pitch modulations.

      Something else I stumbled upon:  Try toggling down to SLOW [SLOW/FAST switch].  Opens up a whole new ballgame by rescaling all of the variable modulations.  And if I recall correctly, the position is save in a preset.

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