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Thanks.  I’ll dial that one (two) up when I get back in front of H9 Control.  There’s certainly some cross-channel panning going on in Undulator, but it doesn’t seem to be hard alternating L-R taps like in UltraTap.  I guess the documentation could be correct: two delays, but with each having an extra single slap / tap built in.

Here’s the best way I’ve found to isolate the delay(s):

  • INTENSITY – ~midpoint 50 [MIX parameter] or 100 (no dry signal)
  • TYPE –  Feedback
  • DEPTH(s) – zero (defeat all other control parameters)
  • FEEDBACK – zero** (or 0-100 expression pedal).
  • ** Even at 0, there are two “phantom ghost” repeats, like a slight bleed through on FEEDBACK)

I’m going to say 4 taps / 2+2 delays, with baked-in (fixed) modulation on each.  It sounds like string bows scraping out triplets.  Peaking LFO over panning & volume sent to each tap?  At any rate, that 3-againt-4 is adding the complexity to the otherwise fixed length of repeats.  And this is before you add any of the other AM, FM, & pitch modulations.

Something else I stumbled upon:  Try toggling down to SLOW [SLOW/FAST switch].  Opens up a whole new ballgame by rescaling all of the variable modulations.  And if I recall correctly, the position is save in a preset.