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I don’t believe that was all I wrote and it’s not that price is the end all to determining proper supply. Sorry you do not have access to other deceives. If your only going to focus on the thing that got your emotions up then good luck. I have noticed that many of the higher end PSU are no longer in existence since the destruction of small business and complete takeover of Asian mass production in the last couple years. None of that matters because I tried to give a quick understanding of the electrical shortfalls of multi outlet PSU’s. I build my own. You named quite a number of power hungry devices all connected. I would trust the Strymon or Eventide PSU over a Voodoo labs. Bottomline is for most stuff out there I would half the max current handling and go with that. Or better use the suppled PSU when weird issues arise and you don’t have the electrical expertise to troubleshoot properly. Also I believe the H9 uses a center positive connection. Are you making sure you’re adhering to this?

Sorry if you were offended, but I don’t have any other way to approach electrical and electronic issues. It’s a science that has very little wiggle room. Search for some articles about what makes a proper multi outlet PSU. Especially when powering all digital equipment. Also beware commercial rags that are being paid to promote a certain brand.