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No worries, I’ve figured out a solution, but I need some help with it.

The gear I need to sync is the Erica Synths Acidbox III. It can only receive sync data from a trig/gate output. Luckily the Misha has exactly that.

The problem is that I need to run a pattern through Misha to send out constant trig/gate signals for the Acidbox to pick it up as the sync.

So basically it only works if I press the physical play/pause button on the Misha, after inputting a rudimentary pattern in the Misha sequencer.

What I want is just for the trig/gate X to just always be sending pulses in time with the tempo. The tempo is properly read by Misha, and displayed.

I just need the equivalent of a modular clock output. Is this possible? I’ve searched through the manual and can’t figure it out, but I’m dumb when it comes to modular stuff.