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Hello –

If I am correctly understanding what you are looking for, at present Misha can’t function as a clock module the way you want.  I.e., you don’t want Misha in automated tone row playing mode, but want it to send out a clock pulse.

What you really need is another module to send out the analog clock to the Erica Synths module. And if you want it to send to both Misha and the Erica Synths module (but maybe you don’t?  I get the feeling you are using Misha strictly as a ‘live’ instrument, yes?), you’d either need a multiplier to send both those signals, or that module would need to be able to send out to both devices.

We recommend the Disting Mk4 for this purpose – it’s only 4hp, not expensive and it does many, many different things, but among them is a clock algorithm, which can also be driven by MIDI clock from a computer, e.g..  And you can send two clock outputs with it, if you need, plus they can be at different clock divisions from each other, which can be useful.

I realize it’s yet another module to add in there, but Misha wasn’t designed to serve as a master clock.  Having said that, I’ll make a note of this suggested feature for future, as I can see it would be desirable in your case.