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Eventide Staff

Hi silver_mica,

What you’re describing sounds like the SpaceTime algorithm that features modulation routed into a dual Vintage delay and plate reverb. The last two can be routed in serial or parallel; very powerful algorithm.

If I were to recommend other effects as you describe that are functional and “subtle,” I would have to say “MicroPitch” is one. You get detuning and dual delay for fattening and sweetening effects or straight up delays. “PitchFuzz” is another one than can give you glorious chorus tones to gnarly fuzzed out distortion with pitch shifting. “UltraTap” is one of my favorite because it can do so much – modulation, multi-tap delay, and reverb. My favorite not so subtle effect is ModEchoVerb; it’s just so huge but can be tamed for a variety of textures featuring mod, echo, and reverb.