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If you look closely, almost all of the 52 algos provide more than one effect at a time.

They are generally more obvious in the H9 specific algos.  Joe mentioned important H9 algos for this but I’d add Resonator to the list.   If you set the “Resonance” control to zero this turns into a basic delay and reverb. Well, truth be told the “Notes” still need to be on but they don’t do anything so they can be set anywhere except off.  “Rhythm” patterns 1 3 5 7 and 2 4 6 8 are prolly what you want for basic delays.

Spring (from Space) is a great and basic multi effect.

As far as subtlety is concerned,  many algos have a mix knob to control this (usually the top left control knob in the app).  However, the “Depth” knob generally does this in the Pitchfactor algos.  I was once told to turn the bottom four knobs off to greatly simplify algos from the Factor pedals.  This has proven to be decent (but imperfect) advice so it’s worth a try.   In the factory preset list V4, try preset #’s 1-21, 25, 30, 45, 53-54, 60, 72, 78, 82-83, 89, and 97-98.

Good luck.