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Hey guys thanks for your replies. To help clarify I’m a gigging/touring/recoding bassist in a rock band. I’m used to effects. Have recently moved away from Helix (couldn’t get it to work for me) and I am building a new pedalboard for a tour scheduled for December.

currently have a few utility pedals put together and a Darkglass Photon which is wild, plus a Source Audio Lunar Phaser. But I’m looking for other areas of experimenting to try and unlock new ideas.

I’m reasonably OK with the tech side of things so don’t mind getting into it a bit. I like the idea of the H9 but have to admit it does look a bit alien to me 🙂

The micro pitch does appeal both on budget and the fact that it is newer than oitchfactor/H9, although I guess this probably does not mater so much.

I think I’m looking for an entry point into Eventide to start experimenting/discovering and becoming more comfortable with the products. But at the same time don’t want to get the ‘wrong’ one first. Hope you get what I mean.