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Oh OK, so you’re pretty well initiated. Now the question is what was it that you “couldn’t get to work for you” with the Helix? Was it sound quality or the difference between fully digital modeling using Algorithm blocks vs. a more analog type pedal.

I guess my dilemma in telling you what to get is part of me would say get the H9Max and be done with it. It is the most full featured pedal style Eventide unit. But it is an algorithm based device. It relies on a DSP chip to process and can only process so much at a time. Especially with highest quality reverbs, delays, pitch. In full disclosure and might be sacrilege here on the Eventide forum I sometime ran into road blocks with the H9 and wanting multiple high grade FX at once. (why you sometimes see two H9’s on pros pedal boards) What I run now is a Fractal FM3 with the H9 in the FM3’s FX loop. With that I can offset any DSP/CPU lacking in both units and get outrageously superb sound quality and easier programming. This is in no way to put down the H9. Eventide produced a very cool powerhouse for a reasonable price with the H9.

You have other FX so you could go the more economical with the Micropitch to get your feet wet with Eventide and add some new sonic qualities. Or go further with the H9Max or even go really crazy with the H9000. Oh and part of me personally worries (because I’m sort of fanatical about spending my money wisely) that the H9 is getting to be an older product and if was to purchase the H9 right now Eventide would release a newer more powerful version of the H9 a month later. Sorry if I’m boggling your head with my ramblings. This is my crazy process when deciding on new gear. I’m 57 and have owned so much gear in my life that sometime were more learning lessons than enjoyable. Now I’m at the point where I don’t really need anything and more only just want to get things that will really make a big difference. Bottomline, Eventide is an excellent company and never seem to produce anything that isn’t top quality. Hope something I wrote helps.