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With The H9, instead of using one aux switch and one “sweepable” expression pedal to operate both the aux and expression options that I would like to program on any given algorithm , might it be be possible to operate the two functions with 2 separate aux switches to save space on my board? Or does the expression function HAVE to be communicated with a “sweepable” sort of foot pedal?

It is possible to assign specific parameters to toggle between two values on button press. If the algorithm you’re using has a HotSwitch option, that’s the best thing to use for multiple instantaneous parameter changes. One last option is mapping a switch to the Expression Peda Value function, which goes from on expression range extreme to the other with one button press. This video might give you more insight: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xVuh2LAiiJ0&list=PLhT2MsSeKiDw6X56B_cfGPhD4GeBd3MA4&index=43

You could use an aux switch with 2-3 buttons and assign them to any of these functions.