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Thank you Joe. I ear marked that exact video this past month as it is an excellent tutorial for programming the hot switch. Admittedly the depths of possibilities seems endless, and my inquiry here lands on the possibility, given the opportunity, is the ability to control two separate functions within one algorithm with separate aux switches insted of one aux and one expression pedal…for instance,  an algorithm that features tremolo and delay….. where one aux switch can hot switch the tremolo  on and off and the other aux switch to “expression” the delay on and off (where the “expression” is programmed the amount delay to max of a louder value and minimum it to being off…. then in essence I could be able to control two parameters of the same algorithm setting with two separate aux switches….if it’s possible to use a 2nd aux for expression control. If so is it just any aux switch? or does it have to be a certain wiring?