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I am sure I am not the only one with raised bugs……Given that you asked for specifics.

Here are some Jira’s. Does this help?

AUD-47553 Emote Data Dump

AUD-48744 Apple Silicon for Emote

AUD-47555 Emote does not respect previous folder used

AUD-51035 Emote session name

Plus the lack of 96K support for all plugins

Plus three new bugs I raised this week that I wam still waiting for a response on.

1. When using dual Eventides. When both emote sessions are open in the DAW. What ever option I choose a show view option is mirrored by the other emote session.

2. When using dual Eventides. When both emote sessions are open. One session appears to become the master session. In the sense that when you try and save an Fx chain it attempts to save the opposite fx chain on the other session of emote and other H9000.

3. When using dual Eventides. When a logic session has been running for at least an hour. The performance of emote seriously  degrades.


Looking forward to your plan.