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As there are two Exp In jacks in my G3, would it make sense that if I get 2 “normally open” aux switches I could use two TRS cables to connect the 2 aux switches to my G3 and then program the G3 to send the appropriate “aux” and “expression” commands to the H9 for each algorithm I use that I want to employ two separate commands? Does that make sense to you, in concept?

Yes, this is a common thing to do with MIDI. Each command you want to control has to have a MIDI CC # assigned to it. On H9 Control, go into the Pedal tab, MIDI Settings, Assign MIDI CC Messages. Use these CC#s when you’re programming your MIDI controller. Notice the options on this menu are similar to the ones for assigning aux switches on the H9.

One question though..Let’s say I want to program one aux switch to always control the hotspot settings …seems easy enough…..but what if the other aux switch might have different “expression” jobs depending on the algorithm, like a regular expression pedal would be programmed….would going into my H9 pedal settings for the “expression” control be one global setting for the 2nd aux switch to always utilize whatever “expression” command each algorithm be programmed in the H9 (one stomp for the min and one stomp for the max ) that I program in my H9 as an “expression” command?

Again, once any function on the H9 is assigned a CC#, it works across all algorithms. So, for example, if you assign  a CC# to the “Performance Switch” function on the H9, for the algorithms that have HotSwitches, sending MIDI CC commands from your G3 on that number will control the HotSwitch. For other algorithms that don’t have a HotSwitch, the “Performance Switch” will control the middle button on that algorithm.