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Joe, you are a wealth of knowledge and I so appreciate your time and expertise.

I await the arriving of a few very small aux switches that I found on Reverb made by Simple Switch Effects who can build aux and performance switches to order, whatever a customer might want, and very affordable, in case others might be interested in experimenting with this kind of direction with their H9’s. As I am doing my best to keep this board packed with as many pedals as I am able within the space limitations of my newly acquired Boss BCXB-1000 (which has it’s own removable metal pedal board to mount effect pedals on, enclosed with it’s own travel case and handle, perfect for carry on luggage when traveling with this rig on flights as carry on) I will soon be able to place some very small aux/performance switches in small crevices in my pedal board design to accomplish incredible tasks available with the H9. I am constantly amazed and impressed with the endless possibilities with the H9, being someone who makes a living sculpting sonic sounds with my guitars and various instruments, touring and in the studio. As the saying goes, the only limitation is your imagination. Now that the H9 offers many algorithms that include reverb AND delay and other algorithms with combined “stacked” effects, these types of switches can control various dynamics of each of those effects that one might like to “tweak” during performance. Scratching the surface here but with every experiment brings on new discoveries with the H9! Thank you Eventide for making such world class effects that make a guy like me revel in the possibilities!

Jeff Pevar recording and touring guitarist

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