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Perfect.  Will do.  I think I’m finally getting my head wrapped around all the connections.  I had to draw it out on paper for my tiny brain to understand it.  Oh, by the way I just got an email back from Truetone Support and they said I’m good to go with the power supply I have.  I have another adapter coming for the second H9 today.  I actually bought 3 H9s but one is a gift for my kiddo.

Here’s what Truetone had to say regarding the power requirements

Hey Steven, Thanks for writing in.  You can power two Eventide pedals on a single 500mA output if you need to.  You can also power an Eventide pedal on one of the 200mA outputs as well.  Because each out can provide lots more current (mA) than it says on the enclosure, there is more than enough available on the 200mA outs to power a single Eventide pedal.

To power the Eventide pedals, you’ll need to use the CL6 (green) adapter on each pedal.  The CS6 comes with one.

You can then put the Avalanche on the other 500mA output.