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How to do start a new question? I’ll post it here just in case…

I am normally running the output of my Eventide H9, as the last effect in my signal chain,  in mono with one 1/4 inch cable coming out of Output #1  running straight out (actually into a junction box that my Boss BCB 1000 pedal board has) so I can plug it into one guitar amp.

My question is this…

If I decide to have a 2nd quarter inch jack coming out of Output 2 of the H9, and running that to use as a stereo effect (to the 2nd output of the Boss in/out junction box) if I ever want to use the actual stereo effects into 2 amps, does the mono signal coming from the H9 change with the 2nd output plugged in to the H9?…meaning would it effect how the unit sounds when I am only using output 1 in a mono rig if a cable is now coming out of Output 2, verses no cable plugged into that 2nd output?. i.e….does the H9 work differently when a 2nd 1/4 in jack is plugged into output 2?

Thank you for your help.Jeff Pevar