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Eventide Staff

Thanks for your report. Can you be more specific about your first issue? I was able to learn a few MIDI notes for Scene trigger actions and this worked correctly.

  • In the Scene mapping menu, click the + to create a trigger source
  • Set this to Increment > Note On, click Learn and input a MIDI note.
  • Click the + to create another trigger source, set this to decrement > Note On, click Learn and input another MIDI note.
  • Now we have 2 Triggers via MIDI notes that will perform decrement and increment, both of which used MIDI learn

Let me know if this works for you, and if not please provide instructions for what you are trying and where it doesn’t work correctly.

For the other Note On commands, there does seem to be issues with the commands you mentioned. I’ll have to look into this further with a MIDI monitor to get a better idea of what is happening.

I would suggest using CCs for programming your switches. MIDI Note does work correctly for functions like Scenes > Load By Number, or Note Number to play a keyboard and adjust the range of a parameter.

There are also some algorithms with built in MIDI note detect like MIDI Harmony that can be very fun.