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Thank you for the thoughtful response. Apologies as well. Reading back my own post it does appear a bit snarky.

The biggest problem with the nature of CV settings and the setup menu interruption is that in eurorack, there is always a very experimental nature to patching. Not knowing how something is going to respond is part of the adventure, but having to traverse menus and submenus and then back out of all of that just to get a result…it’s actually kind of cumbersome.

I almost wonder if it’s not over complicated in it’s comprehensiveness.

I do believe that multiple sequences out from the outputs could really make this thing great.

Default settings could be very straight forward and simple.

Each CV out outputs a different sequence.

Each trigger out send a trigger at each step.

CV in for each channel could be a voltage control for interval.

Triggers in could just be triggers to independently trigger and step through a sequence.

Also, should consider a 0-1v CV range. Maybe also, voltage range setting could be in a shift menu somewhere.