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Well, probably you know this already, but of the things you mentioned just now, one is already possible (aside from the fact that you are currently limited to one sequence).  That is, with the default settings in the CV In menu  you can ‘play’ Misha by means of incoming gate/CV’s to, say, the X inputs. That is to say, when a gate comes into X in, Misha looks to the CV In X value, which is divided into 11 regions and triggers an interval -5 -> +5 depending on what range the voltage falls in.

If you’ve changed those settings from the default, the relevant ones would be as follows:

– Linking: Linked (Gate, CV)
– Trigger Function: Interval Keys

Anyway, you could also try out some CV mapping options that could be good for exploring and not be predictable, like triggering random notes or adding sharps/flats to the scale, etc.

But I get your point about wanting to freely experiment with settings while a sequence is running – there are some setup items which wouldn’t make sense to change while a sequence is playing, but in cases where it’s possible to do that, we can look into making those ‘live’ as well.

We are also hoping to streamline the CV In interface in future –  I agree it can be a bit overwhelming at first.